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Mark ID & Mark Sign

???? ?? – global universal identity verification platform powered by machine learning, as well as Identity verification and e-signature gateway for the Baltic States and beyond. We help companies to fight fraud, reduce costs and meet KYC, GDPR and AML compliance and regulation requirements as well as enable digital channels.

• Identity verification powered by Deep Learning, AI and Machine Learning technologies
• Automated, Manual or Hybrid identification review using machine learning and human KYC expert
• Liveness detection
• Biometric authentication
• OCR, Document scanning, face, object and pattern recognition technologies
• Smart-ID and Mobile-ID e-signature solutions
• Wide range of local physical identification locations
• PEPs, Sanction, and Lost or Stolen Document screening
• KYC as a service
• White-Label solution

??????????? ?????????:
• First in the market offering all possible identification and authentication methods via 1 API in the Baltic Region and beyond
• First in the market offering professional liability insurance guaranteed by Lloyd’s Insurance Group
• First in the market offering all 3 layers of security for face recognition identification
• Best customer satisfaction – we haven’t lost a single customer yet!
• Highest identification security and conversion rate – every Automated face identification is re-evaluated by a human KYC expert
• Scale-ready system
• Personalised identification solution
• Flexibility
• Compliance with requirements established by legal acts for the customer identification process

???? ???????:
• Pay as you go pricing
• Very low connection fee
• No service fee
• Charge per successful verification only
• Best Price Guarantee!

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